Mindmistress: Your goals? 'Paul': For now--sanctuary.  Peace. Non-interference.  All we ask is Six Gates plantation.  An enormous expanse--to us. Mindmistress: Your human hosts? 'Paul': Spoils of war. They invaded our home.Mindmistress: If I don't accept?  'Paul': See these flies?  Each of them riddled with cellborgs. If we release them in the five minutes it takes your 'catwalk' to form...plague.

'Paul': A plague with the virulence of smallbox--the deadliness of Ebola.  The black death killed half of Europe. European disease after Columbus decimated the Americas. Those weren't sentient.Mindmistress: Genocide.  'Paul': Your doctors have never faced a disease as intelligent as they are.   An enemy that can invade their minds. In months, your greatest cities would become corpse-ridden ghost towns.



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