Mindmistress: Sanctuary? Truce? I think not. You mold yourselves after dead relatives--to taunt us with.  You breed a superflu to threaten us with.  This is a delaying tactic.Mindmistress: In twenty years mankind'll have nanotechnology to stop you.  I'm your only current threat.  You're stalling.  You're planning to enslave--or exterminate us. You're afraid of me. With reason. 'Paul': Perceptive...

'Paul': By the way--we've 'colonized' a hundred or so stray dogs in the last few months. Silent, aren't they? Ghost dogs. Ninja dogs. Summon your 'catwalk', Mindmistress.'Paul': We know--from Anansi's ravings--your catwalk takes five minutes to form. You can't hypnotize nonhuman minds--canine or cellborg. Your armor might be strong--we'll still overwhelm you.



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