'Paul':Our most courageous--our most advenurous--all ashes. One third of my peers--gone.  We reurned to this estate in case you agreed to our terms--now, this blaze'll wipe out--'Paul': What?? No!!! Mindmistress: Yes. You're using human beings  as vehicles--like people boarding a huge ocean liner.  ?You 'body' deserves to live too--where you're going--you'll have nothing to infect--

Mindmistress: Vicki!! Make sure that room is sterile--also, monistor me in case I succumb to the smoke. Send robots to rescue me if needed.  Vicki: Boss. Please. Leave while you can.Mindmistress: No.  I'll save as many humans as I can.  Ty would approve. Ty's 'brother': There's a fire...oh, oh! 'Paul': Let me go! Robot: 
First, a MRI--magneticlaly wrecking the cellborgs within you.



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