Mindmistress: You thought it funny to pose as Ty's dead brother--to awaken a guilt he almost forgave himself for. 'Brother': Unhand me!! Your kind's killed hundreds of thousands of us--' Mindmistress: Maybe so--but yours was deliberate cruelty and malice--not self-defense against infection! I'm going to free your 'host'--alley-oop! 'Brother': No! Not--

Another: The fire--it's everywhere-- unhh! Mindmistress: Good. Another one. Pardon the staff to your stomach--as I use it as a lever--Archimedes could move the world with a long enough lever--Mindmistress:I'm going to use mine--to move you between worlds. Another: Nooo... Mindmistress: *Cough* *Cough* The smoke's getting thicker.  Better use my armor's air-mask...hoping I'm not too late for the others.



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