Vicki: Listen carefully.  You have little time.  'Paul': Time? What's going to happen--? Vicki: I'm a holographic A.I. The others are robots.  We are not living.  You can't infect us.Vicki: In fifteen miutes, this body will go through this MRI. Any cellborg will be shredded by the manetism.  'Paul': Murders!! Genocidal sadists! Vicki: You have fifteen minutes to leave that body.

Vicki: Catheters are being attached. In fifteen minutes you'll blow your nose into that kleenex.  Escape this body any way you can. 'Paul': And what will become of we cellborgs? Dissection?Vicki: Your hosts will return to earth.  'Paul': To earth?  Where are we? Vicki: A separate continuum made to hold a being called the 'editor'.  He escaped.  You won't.  'Paul': This? Our new...cage?



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