Mindmistress: These are the last of them, Vicki. Ty's doubtless dead, unfortunately--and I couldn't find Samuel--but at least we can free all the mercenaries Argosy hired. --Give their lives back.Vicki: Won't the fire spread beyond the estate, Boss?  Mindmistress: No, no...there are already firefighters there--let me pipe in an Atlanta newscast-- Newscaster: ...Firefighters are working to contain the blaze...

Newscaster: ...On an estate some forty miles northwest of Atlanta.  The house already incinerated, the firefighters constructed a firebreak around the inferno, and are letting it burn itself out.Reporter: Chief, any clues as to how this blaze started?  Firechief: There may have been chemicals stored here...we suspect Benzene...by the time we got here, anything within was ashes.



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