Liz: Rastussen! Behind your house-- Edward: What now?  Sphynx house burned to the ground--Samuel--the men I sent in--your brother, Eddie--I'm so sorry-- Liz: Edward.  Come outside. Now.Edward: The mercenaries!  Some of them, anyway-- Liz: Including my brother, Eddie--but he--but they-- Group: Edward Rastussen.  Elizabeth Meaney.  I freed these men--from what was inhabiting the Six Gates plantation.

Group: After they give this speech--they will sleep--and when they awake--they'll be normal--with no memory of their experiences in Sphynx House. Edward: Hypnotized.  Liz: By that 'Mindmistress'. Creepy.Group: The horse was 'borrowed' last night.  Orion'll start aging normally again. Edward: And...Samuel?  Group: Samuel...won't be reutnring.  Liz: The immortality secret?  Group: Nearly ended the human race. Ty Dyer saved you.  Not I.



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