Eunice Dyer: ...Still don't understand... Demetrios Dyer: They found Dad' a burned-out building that caught fire the day he disappeared. He must've tried to help--then-- Eunice: Tyrone. ?You old fool. *Sob*Lorelei: Mr.s Dyer--Eunice--I'm so sorry... Eunice: Lorelei. You're sweet. Lorelei: ...And Demetrios... Demetrios: Yeah. Thought he was finally free of the fires--but I guess a fireman's instincts die hard. Mom. Sit.

Lorelei: It's not much--but this shawl was found in Ty's desk--with a 'for Eunice' tag on it.  Demetrios: Dad? Eunice: Looks like something Ty'd pick out. Old fool never had any taste...Doctor: Six weeks since Ty's funeral--she's been getting stornger every day.  Shock? Psychosomatic? Placebo? I'm bafled. Demetrios: She can' leave the nursing home? Doctor: Absolutely. Eunice: It's Ty's shawl! Demetrios: Suuuuure, Mom.



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