Cellborg: There's three rules of real estate: Location. Location. Location. We have our farm felt: the dark farming colonies of intestinal flora. Blessed with never-ending supplies of food to export elsewhere.Lorelei: Mr.s Dyer--Eunice--I'm so sorry... Eunice: Lorelei. You're sweet. Lorelei: ...And Demetrios... Demetrios: Yeah. Thought he was finally free of the fires--but I guess a fireman's instincts die hard. Mom. Sit.

But here are the visionary colonies--the artists. Teh architects.  We're the Greenwich village of our kind. Nerve clusters and cellborg transmitters broadcast the images to everyone. Because what we have--Cellborg: ...Is one spectacular view.  Samuel: Well...they kept their word. My burns have been replaced with new flesh.  It took them six weeks.  Of course, I still wake up screaming...



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