Vicki: Hello, Samuel. Hold up the pin. Cellborg (Caption): Vicki. Mindmistress' A.I. Vicki: It's a myth that medieval theologians agued how many angels could dance on the head of a pin...Vicki: --But take a hundred thousand cellborgs who the Boss extracted from where they huddled in Ty's brain, trying not to get broiled--give them six weeks to multiply, to build--

Vicki: Use dust motes as frameworks for buildings, dead dust mites for whole office complexes. They probed Ty's memories--relayed his guilt--yet didn't warn other cellborgs of Ty's plans--Vicki: They absorved his ethos, his morals--even the Biblical knowledge influencing Ty's convictions. They knew a cvilization built on deliberate genocide would be hopelessly tainted. Hence, Angeldance. A city--atop a pin's head.



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