Mindmistress: Hello, Cellborg colonies. I've isolated you for weeks in a small pocket reality I devised. I could wipe you all out with an EMP wave.  Instead--there's another option.Mindmistress: I've opened a 'catwalk' between your prison--Editorspace, I call it--and a parallel world. Just like ours--except homo habilis died from a plague. There's no human race.

Mindmistress: There's an entire virgin viosphere out there. Subdue it. Master it. Make it yours. Never dream of returning.  I'll have defenses that'll destroy every last cellborg if you try.  Samuel: N-never?Samuel: So...I'll never see another human being again. Mindmistress: You chose cellborgs and immortality over humanity.  You may live...forever. Samuel: Utterly alone. Mindmistress: Everything comes at a cost, Samuel. Immortality especially.  Good-bye.



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