Liz Meaney: Mr. Rastussen?  Liz Meaney.  Yes, my brother's recovering nicely.  So are the others, even those missing for months. Some memories missing, but...sir?  I'm leaving. Accepted a position in Denver.Liz Meaney (Caption): No, I can't stay.  I'm terrified.  This...'Mindmistress'...returned my brother to me--but look what she's done to Anans. Anansi's insane. Mindmistress: Hello, Anansi.  How's tricks? Anasi: Meep.  Meep.

Mindmistress: This is why I can't lift your delusion.  What all did you do? You had all my secrets. The Synchronistars I can understand...but ...the cellborgs? Immortality?  You risked our extinction.Mindmistress: What else did you try? Did you create a...Counter-Vicki? Or...the Causality Crasher?  ?You nearly ended the human race searching for immortality...the Causality Crasher'd endanger all existence.

Mindmistress: I had reasons for not building those.  Until I'm sure you haven't other surprises...I don't dare restore your sanity.  Memories never really die--and if you remember...brrrrr. Cellborgs. Bizarre.

Cellborg: An entire history.  Even Jewish legends are similar to our reality. Adam...Eve...cast into a harsh reality for transgressions. Instead of a Flood, few survived a purifying fire.Cellborg: A love-hate relationship with our creator.  Politics. War. Chronicle upon chronicle on how a society might be built. Tyrone Dyer's encyclopedic knoweldge of a book he revered---proved very relevant.

Cellborg: We needn't treat it as sacred writ. We must study other traditions, cultures, and philosophies.  Still...we can't help but empathize...with those who feel they're part of something...

Cellborg: ...Bigger...than themselves.



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