This is a crazy idea; but what the hey....

I invited other webcomics artists, to do specialized fan art; to pick the page of their choice from MINDMISTRESS....and redraw it in their style.

The first one to respond was Bailey from END TIMES, and this is her wonderful version of the fifth page of the "Stolen Ideas" storyline, here.

The second is Anastasia of WIKKINZ chose one of the pivotal pages from MM's origin, as seen here.

The third is Daniel Willingham of HEAD DOCTOR who chose a more recent page, as seen here.

The talented author artist of NIGHT AND DAY redrew an early battle scene between Bloodlust and MM here

The author and artist of two webcomics, NEFASTUS and IMPURRIUM created a new version of one of the pages in the Tidal Wave storyline here.

The author of the thoughtful IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD redrew the first "conversation " between MM and Lorelei in black and white here. Love the expressive eyes of Lorelei and others. Then he turned around and did it another way here---being the first artist to redraw the same page two different ways.

And there's a new (absolutely haunting and surreal) alternative page up, a redrawing of an early page in her origin. It looks rather like MM as imagined in Tim Burton's A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Here's the original page as drawn on Rao's site, the surreal and fascinating ARTIFICIAL TIME...thanks Rao!

ALTERNATE DELUSIONS's talented creator created an alternative page of a page from Forceful's first appearance..