From the talented author/artist of DUNGEONDAMAGE, this picture of Mindmistress with a piece of art that really speaks to her. (Warning: he likes his pictures really big, and they take a while to download.)


From the talented creator of LEGENDS OF ROVANA comes this picture of Mindmistress combined with another famous heroine who is the only super-heroesque (in their words)"female that has ever come close to being smarter and more kick-ass than she is sexy, which is saying a lot, because she's pretty damn sexy. Anyway, what came out is a Mindmistress in Tomb Raideresque adventure gear"---so without further fanfare, here's...


The talented artist/author of CIMMERIAN does this thoughtful study of Lorelei which I dub...


And for contrast, and with really incredible art is the creator of PILLAR OF FAITH's redition of MM, which I dub:


The artist of BHAG sends this picture of Mindmistress with a Glock, a PISTOL-PACKING MINDMISTRESS

The talented artist/author of BOOKWYRMS sent me this wonderfully psychedelic picture of MINDMISTRESS WALKING THE 'CATWALK'".

LITERALLY SPEAKING's creator sent me this wonderful MINDMISTRESS: A STUDY---how come so many other artists can draw my own character better than I can?*Grin*

Bluebug, the artist of KURENAI MASHIN sent me a Christmas present, her own rendition of Mindmistress, Lorelei, and Vicki, in MINDMISTRESS (SECRET SANTA).

Jon of JONNY AXX sent me this wonderful rendition of MINDMISTRESS AND PSYCHE-STAFF.

ABERDAWN KNIGHTS's creator, Steve "Komodo" T., sent me this work I call MINDMISTRESS: A SECOND STUDY.

Marine of SEA/SKY sent me two wonderful wallpapers to use on your computers...one is one of LORELEI/MM and one is of her favorite character, VICKI.

Neil of DASIEN, a fun superheroine webcomic I've done fan art before, reciprocated with this picture of Dasien and Mindmistress---please note the priceless expression on MM's face. Dasien found the best way to annoy her---is to smother her.

Clay of SURREAL U sent me a guest art, which I call MINDMISTRESS VS. A WEREWOLF.

Steve Hogan of ACID KEG sent me this wonderful SILVER AGE MINDMISTRESS COVER

Simon of NETREK contributed this drawing of the two sides of MM's personality, in MINDMISTRESS AND LORELEI

I have a new guest art called MINDMISTRESS ALTERNATIVE FASHIONS with alternative costumes for Mindmistress by my old collaborator, Maniac Wolfman of OH! THE HUMANITY. (See the "blind date" thingee to the side.)

I've also thought about alternative armor/uniforms for MM. But I fell in love with the original costume after I adapted it from the Yellow Claw's armor by Steranko in "Behold the Savage Sky"---the sleek, all over armor worn when attacking the heli-carrier---and haven't done a new suit of armor/uniform.


Jon, the creator of YOUNG, META, AND SLACK sent me this study, HIGH-VOLTAGE MINDMISTRESS.

Stef the creator of SARAH ZERO sent me this version of MINDMISTRESS RUBBING OFF ON LORELEI,

And Remus of INDEFENSIBLE POSITIONS sent me this wonderful shot of MINDMISTRESS MEETS FOIL.

The creator of MANSION OF E sent me this VICKI: A STUDY.

Bev of CHOOKEN sent me this remarkable "Brains Over Brawn".

M2, author of Junkriot, was offering to do "hawt chicks" on a thread in Keenspace. MM didn't fit really---wouldn't fit the character---but MOODSWING did, and she sent me, "How Do You Want To Feel?". Stop drooling....although it is pretty awesome.

Another study of Vicki is VICKI: A PORTRAIT by Eunice P. of I COME FROM MARS.

A study of MM/Lorelei's mother in DR. PRUDENCE LYONS by Greg Carter of NO FRAILITY.

This beautiful ink drawing of MM---MINDMISTRESS AT HER PORTAL is from Rezo of LET'S DO IT FOREVER.

Mindmistress meets with her prize student, Rochelle Kwan of MAGELLAN by Stephen Crowley, in "RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES OF THE SMART AND BRAINY"

The stylistic and impressionistic MINDMISTRESS: ANOTHER PORTRAIT is from Darryl Fabia of COILING SPINE.

This beautiful ink drawing of Lorelei---LORELEI AND THE SQUIRREL is from Rezo of LET'S DO IT FOREVER.


M2, author of Junkriot, sent me this drawing of Mindmistress when she was just covered in mud in the "Miraculous" storyline, in a beautiful picture I call MUDMISTRESS.

Carson Fire, creator of ELF LIFE and WINGER, sent me this study of Mindmistress in action, drawing on his inner Burne Hogarth, in a beautiful picture I call MINDMISTRESS IN ACTION.

Ankhareon sent me this UNREALISTIC MINDMISTRESS--which is nevertheless quite good.



Abby of the GREEN AVENGER sent me this study of VICKI AND RUSTY.

More to be added when people are kind enough to send it to me.


Oh, and I've sent guest art to others---that included Mindmistress meeting the characters. After all, through the "catwalk", Mindmistress can visit other locations and other realities...so this doesn't necessarily mean MM occupies the same "world" with the people she meets.

For instance, KILLROY AND TINA got a "fan art" from me showing Mindmistress meeting Killroy and Tina.

A "fan art" from me to another super-heroine webcomic, DASIEN, shows Mindmistress meeting Dasien---and for them instantly taking a dislike to each other, a la Sub-Mariner and the original Human Torch, or Spider-Man and the modern Human Torch, or Hawkman and Green Arrow. (That does not mean anything, of course---I have nothing but respect for the Dasien comic, and I really enjoyed drawing her.)

Two travellers between the planes, one using science, one using mysticism, meet far from either's home, in Mindmistress Meets Chelsea, in which Mindmistress meets Chelsea Chattan of CLAN OF THE CATS. (And of course, Chelsea has crossed over with CRFH, LCD, the SHADOWS, and many another webcomic...)

Also, go to SLUGGY FREELANCE and in the Sluggite Zone---currently in the Most Recent and Most Popular---there's a picture of a battle of the Titans---Bun-Bun vs. MM!!

In this one Mindmistress meets the anti-Buffy, PILLARS OF FAITH, a vampire hunter who is nothing like Buffy. It's here, but you'll need to scroll towards the bottom.

I also did one for CIMMERIAN, and you can see the result here.

You can go here to see an amusing meeting between MM and Gwendolyn and Drusilla of BOOKWYRMS.


One of the first guest arts I sent out, mainly because he was the first to send one to me, was one to DUNGEON DAMAGE---yet paradoxically, it was one of the last to be used, since he waited till he got through his first storyarc to run guest arts. Anyway, you can see MINDMISTRESS MEETING LORENZO THE MAGNIFICENT.

One of the best webcomics out there is ZEBRA GIRL and in this one, she meets a kindred spirit in TWO WOMEN OUT ON THE TOWN.

BHAG is a refreshing webcomic of light-hearted fantasy, and a certain guest art, I prove DIVERSITY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER.

Mindmistress meets Courtney Brightland of SKIRTING DANGER in COMPARING FASHION NOTES...

Mindmistress gets a tour of the Academy of Superhero Science by VINDIBUDD at CROSSOVER CONVERSATION.

Mindmistress also meets the crew at VIGIL in BRAIN-BABE'S BYE-BYE(Scroll towards the bottom.)

At OTH!, MM has a visit from her Valentine's Day buddies, Wolfman and Uberwoman, that I drew as a fan art/guest strip here.

Mindmistress appears at here at IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD.

She also appears with Isahn of NIGHT AND DAY here.

I did a fan art for MAGELLAN, a story about superhero cadets that will soon be going to GRAPHIC SMASH. In it, MM tutors Rochelle Kwan, a superintelligent cadet...although I think MM has a slightly greater intellect---and hardly any of the superiority complex Rochelle's going to have. Good stuff.

I did a fan art for SARAH ZERO that she put up at http://www.youareoutofcontrol.com/z_fanart/szf_33.jpg...actually, I couldn't see a lot of points in common between Sarah Zero and MM, but Bloodlust? Yeah, I could see that....

I also did a fan art for Juno of http://starcrossd.net/ which she's going to put up on her site when she takes care of the difficulties she's currently happening...but you can see it at my deviantart account at http://www.deviantart.com/view/14143580/....and I COULD see MM meeting HER, given MM's interest in paranormally-enabled beings....

I sent fan art to A.N.T., with a meeting between A.N.T. and Mindmistress here---you might want to check it out, and A.N.T. itself. (Although MM has only been running a little over three years, Ida...)

More to come.


Check out CLAN OF THE CATS on the August 26th, 27th, and 28th strips, where a guest strip called, "The Most Important Question" ran written by me and drawn by Ping Teo of THE JADED on GRAPHIC SMASH. Lorelei has a brief cameo in the second and third parts, and you'll see what happened to a former teacher of hers. I'm pretty pleased with this story, and it's helped immensely by Ping's art.

Check out VINDIBUDD....a humorous look at super-heroes---worth reading at any time, but especially worth reading this week, because, you'll see Mindmistress giving advice in the strip here and here . . (Hey, don't take her too seriously, okay? A dash of the absurd can help any strip. And like in the Valentine's Day Comixpedia events, when MM visits absurd realities, she goes with the flow.)

Mindmistress appears as a character in a comics shop window in the first panel of this page of perhaps my favorite webcomic, SOMETHING POSITIVE.

Oh, and check out my ALTERNATIVE PAGES, for more guest art of a...specialized nature.

And here's something REALLY different---a bigger picture of MM I made for a t-shirt, at MINDMISTRESS T-SHIRT PICTURE. Sort of my own fan guest art.

One other production by myself is a totally NSFW, nude study of Moodswing, one of MM's more memorable opponents....at MOODSWING: A NUDE STUDY. Enjoy, you pervs.