Professor: Mr. Delouise? Mr. Delouise? Perhaps you could enligthen the class on what's so amusing--? On why you're snickering--?  Most people don't find advanced physics and cosmology so...amusing. Dean: Sorry, Proffessor. It's not you or your teaching, honest.  I was just struck by something...funny.  Professor: Concerning--? Dean: ...Epicycles, actually. Professor: Well, perhaps you'd rather finish something more modern---like this equation?

Dean: Y'see, Professor, this is mathematically equivelent to this transformation--which means gravitons can be 'lost' in a labyrinth-like trap-- which would intensify their power-- Professor: --Simulating 'dark matter'.  Ingenious.Professor: Well, it's an odd way to get my attention--but your transformation of the equations was absolutely brilliant. Interested in working with postgraduate students on a project...? Dean:Sure!




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