Dean: Hey, Tyler--- Tyler: Hey. Hope you don't mind my borrowing your magnifying glass--- Dean: No prob. How was your teacher's day off from school?  Tyler: Lorelei came by, looking for her cat--Lorelei: I call him George---like Curious George, the moneky--Kitty's always going where he shouldn't-- Tyler: I'll help you look for him---but I haven't seen him. Tyler (Caption): We didn't find him.

Tyler: I was also studying about quarks--and all she showed us at the Planck-level.  Dean: Quarks? Cool. Tyler: --To focus forces we saw--to force quarks apart--recombine them differently--Tyler: --Creating new, different types of matter? Dean: Wow. Good thinking, Tyler. She'd be pleased.  Tyler: When'll we see her again, Dean? Dean: With her abilities?  You could've seen her today--never knowing it.




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