Janitor: Sorry, Lorelei. I found what was left of your cat inthe furnace.  Burning cat hair--quite a stink. I buried him behind the lot-- Lorelei: Poor George.  Poor Kitty.Coed1: That's Dean Delouise?  He's kinda cute... Coed2: Well, I've heard he's kind of arrogant---acting like he's smarter than the teacher, the other students--like we're backwards...medieval...in comparison.

Lucas: Look, Delouise--I've had it up to here with your sneering at our approaches. You're an undergrad, and we're grad students---yet you act like we're...flat-earthers.  Dean: Paranoid much, Lucas?Dean: Oh! Good to see...you. Tyler: --And if we focus and magnify those forces we could 'saw' the quarks and experiment with new combinations-- Mindmistress: Proceed carefully, Tyler.  Dean.  Good progress.




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