Mindmistress: So--how's it going, Dean? Dean: Well, I've impressed some professors---appalled some peers---they think I'm arrogant and opinionated.  Mindmistress: Well...Galileo...Newton...Feynmann...all arrogant. Opinionated.  Just don't...alienate.Mindmistress: I'm pleased. I'll return soon... Tyler: Wow! I'd love to be able to fade away like that... Dean: Um? Oh, yeah...Tyler...there are scorch marks on the table.

Tyler: Oh, yeah...sorry. Guess I was careless with the magnifying glass--- let the sun's rays focus through it.  Dean:  Uhhhyeah. Hey, Tyler. Let's go up to the rooftop...grab some air.Tyler: What's up, Dean? What's up here?  Dean: Air. A view. I needed to...clear my head. Because I've noticed something--even she hasn't. Tyler: Yeah, right.  Dean: Tyler, I'm serious. She's mistaken.




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