Dean: She's mistakenabout you. I know--about the fire--and you.  Tyler: W-What?  You gotta be kidding--- Dean: No. Your fear of the dark. Insurance convinced it's suicide/arson.  It fits.Dean (Caption): Those scorch marks on the table--I saw...insect parts. You focused the lens on ants and beetles--burning them alive.  At six, that's acceptable. At twelve....that's creepy.

Dean (Caption): Scared of the dark---you're fascinated by flames---taking your sleeping Mom's dangling cigarettes---and started--how many fires? ---But this one escaped your control---killing your parents.Dean: Lorelei's cat was found in the building's furnace. The janitor couldn't figure out how---you did it, right? Just to watch the cat burn. Tyler: I'd never--- Dean: Never could lie, Tyler..




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