Tyler: Okay---you're right. I'm a lousy liar.  It's a relief to aadmit it. How much the flames---leaping--dancing--posess me. ---Like a drug.  Mom--Dad--I couldn't help myself.Tyler (Caption): Those exotic forms of matter I might create--? One might be matter--that could switch to anti-matter....triggered by, say, a certain sound---or a certain radio signal---boom!!

Dean: Imagine lfmaes high enough to consume a continent...a world's core cracking its crust. Imagine--knowing you will create this--someday.  Imagine the possibilities... Dean: Yes. Just....imagine.Tyler: You'll keep quiet, won't you, Dean? No one but you knows me well enough to suspect me...of arson.  Or...murder?  Manslaughter?  Not even her.  I'll look innocent--unsuspected.  Undetected.  Unpunished.

Dean: Unpunished?Tyler: Don't believe it.




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