Mindmistress/Paula Solomon: If you'd told me... Dean: I didn't piece it together until I saw the scorch marks...you were disappearing then. I'd no way to summon you..rooming with a...murderous pyromaniac.Prosecutor: So, you say Mr. Delouise was behaving...erratically?  Lucas: He was absurdly sure in his...theories.  He didn't question.  He didn't doubt.  The idea of his being mistaken didn't...register.

Prosecutor: So what's his mental state...? Psychiatrist: Shortly after his sister's death, the subject had a...vision. A fantasy-female, inhumanly wise, guided he and his nephew to new...cosmic revelaations.Judge: Dean Delouise, in the murder of your nephew, Tyler Partridge, we find sufficient evidence of mental abberation--to commit you to a mental institution--- Dean (Caption): Truthconfessed/disbelieved...on counsel's advice.




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