Attendant: The docs were right...working on that Ipod is good therapy for you. I'm taking six or so patients outside---wanna come? Dean: Can I take my Ipod?  Attendant: Sure.Dean: What's wrong?  Attendant: Left my beeper inside, third time this week...I'm in trouble if they beep me... Dean: So? Go get it.  Attendant: Can't leave you alone--- Dean: Fenced in? What could happen?

Attendant: Okay, I was just gone two minutes---where's dean? Maria? Did you see Dean wander off--? Maria: Libre como un pajaro... Attendant: Stop looking up, muttering in Spanish-- let's find Dean...Dean (Caption): Gravity: the weakest of the fundamental forces.  A kid's magnet holds nails against the gravity of the entire earth. My modified Ipod diverts gravitons into the five-dimensional bulk.
Dean (Caption): So I'm as a what? Fly south, maybe. Mexico. See a bullfight...set up a new life. I feel...odd.  Not mad, perhaps...maybe...unbalanced...

Dean (Caption): I miss my sister. I even miss Tyler. Yet I can't help cherishing the...revelation I was given.  I was so, so lucky....thanks...'Mindmistress'.  The sky's the limit.




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