Dean DeLouise (Caption): Which is odd....because this whole thing started with me saving the little pest from an apartment big sister often fell asleep with a cigarette in hand....Dean (Caption): Or she did, anyway... Fireman: Sorry. Neither she...nor her husband...survived.  Dean: Y-yeah. She got sick of people telling her that smoking would kill her...well, nobody's telling her now...*choke*

Dean (Caption): I wasn't as cold as I sounded.  I was nmb. In shock.  Se and her hsband were putting me through college. Lorelei: Tyler...I'm so sorry.... Tyler: M-Mom...D-Dad... Lorelei: Dean? How are--Lorelei: --You---doing--? Dean: How d'ya think I'm doing, Lorelei? My sister and brother-in-law are dead!! My dreams for the future--also--dead.  Lorelei: S-Sorry... Dean: Yeah.  Me too. Sorry.




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