Dean DeLouise: Twelve thousand for two funerals---a life insurance agency refusing to pay, suspecting suicide--  Tyler: My parents'd never-- Dean:  I know, Tyler.  Sis did once attempt suicide when a teenager, though.  We're screwed.Dean: Hello? Mindmistress: Mr. Delouise? Dean Delouise? Dean: Yes? Mindmistress: I'm Paula Solomon, a lawyer. I want to make an put you through college till your doctorate...your nephew also.  Dean: For--?

Dean: Let me get this straight--you're offering to support us for over a decade---including any college costs--for participating in an--experiment?  No durgs, radiation, surgery, or machines. Mindmistress: Right. Mindmistress: It's an experiment  Radical paradigm--shift.  Exposing you two to--- ceoncepts. Dean: I'm fine print about selling our souls for eternity... Mindmistress: Not Faust.  Dante.




"Paula Solomon" is a fake identity that Mindmistress uses when legal proceedings are needed---as opposed to Lorelei, who's a real other identity. (Hoo boy!) Sort of like the Shadow had dozens of fake identities (including Lamont Cranston, the most famous) in addition to his real other ID, Kent Allard. Click on the panel in which she appears and it'll take you to the first time Mindmistress is shown as Paula Solomon.

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