Mindmistress: First off---'Paula Solomon' is an identity I sometimes ...assume. An illusion I can shed... Dean: What?? How'd you do that?? Tyler: Bam!! She looks like a super-hero.  Mindmistress: ...Known as...Mindmistress.Mindmistress: A...treatment...gave me an IQ near 800.  Dean: What??  Mindmistress: Relax, Dean.  I'm not going to expose you two to that--but I can't share my insights-- without being-- hunted.

Mindmistress: But you two---could. They'd think you remarkable--but they wouldn't--dissect--you.  Dean: You'd---tutor us?  Mindmistress:  Yes. Imagine Aristotle---given modern germ theory--modern physics--modern cosmology.  Dean: Given...hemlock. Mindmistress: Point. But this armor has advanced capabilities--including illusion-casting. This is a simulation of existence--at the Planck scale.  Dean: Wow. Tyler: I-Is that a....moon?  Mindmistress: No. An electron.




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