Mindmistress: We're standing on vibrating superstrings.  Tyler: What're those flashes? Fireflies? Quantum fluctuations. Too tiny--too brief--to be bound by the law of the conservation of energy.  Dean: So...string's theory...correct?Mindmistress: After a fashion--as Democritus' atoms differed from Rutherford's--but yes, there are superstrings--vibrating---musically---in the smallest space where size has meaning-- Dean: --The Planck scale.

Dean: I thought quantum fluctuatons'd be more chaotic than this---a quantum 'foam'.  Mindmistress:  Nyaah.  Light'd slow down over long distances---the way it slows down in water-- if it were that chaotic.Mindmistress: Instead, it flickers just enough for the Casimir effect--fireflies flickering in an infinitesmal musical forest---treetrunk-thick superstrings vibrating--lit by an electron--the size of a moon.

Doing something a little different here---there are a lot of concepts here that some might be unfamiliar with.
If you click on the first panel it will take you to a page that explains quantum fluctuations.
If you click on the second panel it will take you to a page that explains Planck length.
If you click on the third panel it will take you a page that explains current findings about quantum foam vis-a-vis lightspeed
...and if you click on the last panel, it will take you to a page that explains the Casimir effect.




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