Tyler: That--flash-- Mindmistress: Particles and artiparticles're forming--and annihilating--each other. But for every million antiparticles--there's a million and one particles--leaving a photon 'broth'---lightly seasoned by matter. Mindmistress: --An imbalance necessary to evolve---observers.  Yet space's packed so tightly--no light can escape--a dark age settles in-- Tyler: I-I don't like the dark. Dean: Hang tough, Tyler.

Mindmistress: Finally...the universe's large enough---to permit light's escape.  Stars and galaxies and quasars form--shaped by natural constants---falling in narrow limits---that'll allow observers to evolve.Mindmistress: Observers determining the quantum world--a cosmos oddly suited for observers' evolution--intriguing, right? Yet inflation has spread the 'Landscape' so far---a thousand times the 'observable' universe's lightspeed horizon.

If you click on the first panel, it'll take you to a page that talks about the matter-antimatter imbalance in the early universe.
If you click on the second panel, it'll take you to a page discussing the "dark age" of the early universe.
If you click on the third panel, it will take you to a page I did years ago about the "anthropic coincidences" that allow life as we can reasonably envision it (including methane or silicon life--I'm not being carbon-centric) to evolve.
In the last panel, I'm using "Landscape" in a more limited way that Smolin (who coined the term) and Linde would use it, just to indicate the huge bulk of the cosmos may remain, forever, unobservable to us for being too far away, and linking to how inflationary space might have gone faster than light, though nothing within space can go faster than light.




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