Dean: So if a simulation of thecosmos is at our feet---than what's Tyler: Wow.  Mindmistress: We're standing on a four-dimensional brane---but looking 'up' fifth-dimensionally....Mindmistress: You can see the 'Bulk'--a fifth dimensional space where another Brane like ours floats---and a third, partial one drifts between the two--- Tyler: Fifth dimension, huh? Where's Mr. Mxyzptlk?

Tyler: 'Brains'?  Dean: Tyler...Mindmistress: Branes.  Like membranes.  The other fudamental forces---light, for instance---only travel within the brane.  So we don't see the Bulk--but gravity travels throughout the Bulk-- Mindmistress: Indeed...gravitational influences from other branes--may have triggered the big bang.  Dean: This looks like a---crystal-- Mindmistress: Right. Branes might be seen as reflections in an eleven-dimensional prism--

Mindmistress: There are facets here--composed of branes--- Dean: Plato's...cave?  Mindmistress: Plato's prism. ---As well as gravitational whirlpools, and other wonders.  Let me show you more--though this may take---hours.




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