Lorelei (Caption): What happened...after school?  Alvin (Caption): A job at a mall food court...cleanin; tables, sweepin'...livin'; with m'brother...when... Policeman: --Under arrest for dealing drugs-- Greg Ness: Don't worry, Alvin--Mom's coming.Alvin (Caption): I hated bein' back with Mom... Mother Ness: Alvin--I wish you could drive---pick up a few things--like Greg could.  Alvin (Caption): Always angry.  Felt like I'd never stop bein' a kid...

Alvin (Caption): I went to visit th'home...I tried t'tell you how I...felt. ...But I didn't do it right.  Leo Bowman: Leave. Lorelei. Alone. Alvin: *Ungh* Got it, Leo.  Alvin (Caption) I left.Alvin (Caption): Some of m'brother's friends-- wanted me to help 'em into the mall...afterhours. I held the ladder when-- Policeman: You're in a heap'o trouble, boy.  Alvin (Caption): Polieman. Again. Again.




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