Lorelei: H-Heya, Alvin...you're lookin'... good.  Alvin: Never could lie worth a flip, Lorelei--you work at a pet shop--you know what a caged animal looks like-- Lorelei: Yeah. You're...right.Alvin: An animal...who's goin' t'be put to 'sleep'. ...Unless someone rescues me.  You can help. My lawyer says they shouldn't be doin' this t'me...'cause I'm slow, see?

Lorelei: What does that have to do with killin' that policeman?  Alvin: 'Cause if we can't think good like other people-- we ain't 'sponsible--not like..them.  Lorelei: So  your lawyer says.Lorelei: Look-- I'm sorry you're in prison--I hate you're goin' t'be ex'cuted...but just 'cause we went to school t'gether... Alvin: But...I really liked you, Lorelei. Lorelei: ... Since when?




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