Lawyer Miller: I appreciate you coming out here on a Sunday, Miss Lyons.  Lorelei: I-I ain't never been to a prison before.  Lawyer: He speaks of you quite fondly. You're...important.Lorelei: We weren't never that close...never boyfriend and girlfriend. Jus'...friends.  Lawyer: It's not uncommon for a lonely man to fixate on a girl who never...reciprocated his feelings.  Lorelei: Hunh?

Lawyer: I'm just saing...just because Alvin Ness never sang you love songs...never seranaded you on a balcony...doesn't mean he didn't have feelings for you. Lorelei: *Giggle* You're funny, Mister Miller.Lawyer: *Sigh* I'm a better comedian thanl lawyer---else Alvin wouldn't be on Death Row.  Cop-killers...mentally challenged or not--rarely get mercy.  Lorelei: H-How's Alvin holdin' up...? Lawyer: Not well.




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