Mindmistress: Okay---where--or when--are you from?  Dr. Mayhemstar: Another timeline--thousands of years advanced over this one.  We routinely make interstellar trips.  Mindmistress: The robots. Mining robots of my time. Unremarkable. Commonplace.Mindmistress: Why me? Dr. Maystarhem: Work-for-hire: I'm a newbie at Evil Inc...a corporation in a reality where superheroes and supervillains are commonplace. Mindmistress: Evil..? Who calls themselves evil? Dr. M: Post-modernist irony?

Dr. M: A pandimensional gropu called Evil OVerlords United hired Evil Inc.-- Mindmstress: Again with the 'evil'? Dr. M: ---To take out certain key groups and people---so...nothing personal. Mindmistress: Because I visit realities--?Dr. M: I suppose so. I gotta say, I like their policy---if I fail---to bring me back to their headquarters---automatically.  Mindmistress: That glow---wait. What were you--before?

Dr. M: Custodial engineer.  Henchrobot: Janitor!  Dr. M: Custodial engineer! Vicki: Did I get this right? Did your toughest fight ever come from an ex-janitor from the future working up the corporate ladder? Mindmistress: ...No comment.




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