Caption: Some time later... Vicki:  Eleven robots down...falling to the Earth's core...Mindmistress: ...And the last...which always hung fleeing.  I wondered how orders got through the gravitational warp--undistorted.Mindmistress:  Seems like the only way would be sending multiple messages real close. Let me get a good running start-- *Unh* --and use my staff to pole-vault this hill--

e overshooting the footpads!! You're going to hit the neutronium! You'll be paste!! ...Or maybe not... Mindmistress: Relax.  Up close I see small prism-projectors simulating the rainbow effect...Mindmistress: And in this 'Trojan Horse'?  Dr. M: I surrender!  Mindmistress: And you are...? Dr. M: Dr. Mayhemstar.  Mindmistress: You're kidding. Dr. M: I wouldn't talk...'Mindmistress'.  Mindmistress: Uh-uh. Where're you doing? Henchrobot: Eep!! I'm just the loyal...sarcastic...henchdroid.




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