Mindmistress: Of course, you have to be careful not to be under that trillion-ton weight when it comes crashing down.... Vicki: And the rainbow effect--? Mindmistress; Gravity warps light: another clue.Mindmistress: Now for another one---being careful only to grab the normal-matter footpads-- if I stick my hand in the rainbow aura-- Vicki: Creme de la Mindmistress?  Mindmistress: Exactly.  Unhh!! Up!!

Mindmistress: Yiii!!! They're slow...but those blasters are worrying...maybe I can use one to stop the other--?  Vicki: Who made--?  Mindmistress: It's thousands of years advanced over current technology-- and yet--?Mindmistress: It has a 'homo sapien' feel to it--if it'd been designed by neohuman minds, it'd be much more efficient and logical.  Vicki: So...we're looking for time travellers?




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