Mindmistress: Well, they sruvived--dented, worse for the wear---and their glowing foot-pads---which I assume are holding them up---are--sparking--? Henchrobot: Dr. M--? Dr. Maystarhem: Uh oh. This isn't good...Mindmistress: Wow. That robot fell through solid earth...like it wasn't there! Vicki!  Vicki: Boss! Mindmistress: Graviton emmission in this are...? Vicki: Centered on each robot...wait. Half a trillion tons per robot?

Mindmistress: Thought so.  Vikci: But no ordinary matter is that heavy. It'd have to be... Mindmistress: Neutronium.  Vicki: Which can't stay neutronium in normal gravity-- Mindmistress: Bingo.  There's a half-inch aura of trillionfold gravity--Mindmistress: --Projected by the upper foot pad.  The lower foot pad projects an outer aura, reducing the gravitational attraction to Earth to---almost nil.  Vicki: So they hover... Mindmistress: Unless the lower foot pad's sabotaged...




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