Mindmistress: Aaahhh...I can take full breaths again.  --And my armor should keep me warm.  Vicki: Where---? Mindmistress:  A northern island off Antarctica--inhabited by penguins and little else.Mindmistress: Where should I fight extremely powerful opponents?  Downtown Atlanta? Times Square?  Stamford, Conneticut?  Vicki: Boss. Company.  Mindmistress: Makes sense.  If they followed me into the Infinity Jar---they'll follow me here.

Mindmistress: Pincer attack.  Coming at me from both sides...slowly. Inexorably.  And after seeing what happened to my own robot--I might end up a small pate on their surface...If I was dumb enough to wait. Robot-Irresistible-Force, meet Robot-Immovable-object.  If they have as much mass as I theorize--they can't turn on a dime.




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