Alvin: Lorelei---y'always hadda choice. Pretty--- rich father-- some o'us don't! Some...feel...trapped! 'never 'sploded you're so angry? Sorry I'm not perfect---like you!Lorelei: That's not fair---I clean dog poop an' search for ticks in fur for a livin'!! Alvin:  Yeah...well, it ain't fair we're 'tarded, either... l-life ain't stinks!!

Lorelei: If life stinks so bad---why're you fightin' for it so hard??  You're scared--but you're sayin' 'tarded people are too stupid to know slaugherin' a cop is wrong--isn't helping!!!Lorelei: Look, this ain't working-- Alvin: Lorelei-- Lawyer: Miss Lyons, please-- Lorelei: Sorry...but I can't tell a judge'n'jury that Alvin didn't know bashin' a cop's head was wrong.  He knowed.




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