Lawyer: Miss Lyons-- Lorelei: Oh, boy... Lawyer: Please reconsider.  W3're not freeing him--we just want to save his life. If he died--I know it'd haunt you for the rest of your life.Lorelei: In udder words...lie. Lie while s-swearin' on th'Bible t'tell th'truth! Lie while people go t'jail for lyin' in court! I Aint. A. Liar!!!

Lawyer: Miss Lyons, it's not that simple... Lorelei: It is. It's-- ust-- that-- simple. We both knowed killin's wrong...evil... Alvin knows it too. It's evil...t'lead him on. Lawter: Evil?Lawyer: I don't believe in...evil. Just...environment...genetics...expediency. Lorelei: I don't know what those words mean...but I b'lieve'n'evil.  If y'think evil don't're dumber'n'me.




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