Dr. Catastrophe: Well, Dr. Mayhemstar--and I use the term 'doctor' loosely--you've made a pretty hash of things.  Mayhemstar: Dr. Catastrophe, I-- Dr. Catastrophe; --Turned a potential threat--- Mindmistress---into a present menace.Dr. Catastrophe: Amusing that one of the multiverse's finest minds--is sometimes mentally handicapped. Mindmistress: Now that Alvin's answered---time for the Overlords. Vicki: How'll you track them?  Mindmistress: Heisenberg principle: observation effects the observed.

Mindmistress: Knowing I was being observed, I detected unusual forces--keying the catwalk to find similar forces---other realities where the Overlords are--attacking--as they attacked me--without provocation.Dr. Catastrophe: She's journeying to the reality where your colleague, Mr. Threat's attacking Lightbringer. Whatever the outcome---I'll use Alvin Ness--and your misnamed 'Unstoppable' robots-- ensuring Mindmistress' eventual demise.  Dr. Mayhemstar: Spiffy.



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