Mr. Threat: When Evil Atom--Evil Inc's CEO/Founder--offered me my middle manager position back---what an opportunity! I'll write  aForbest article: 'Inside Interdimensional Outsourcing.'  Lightbringer: Knock...yourself...out. *Ungh* Really. Knock... Mr. Threat: You first, methinks. Mindmistress: Evil Atom...?Mindmistress: Even Hitler didn't think of himself as least I know which one works for 'Evil Inc.' Mr. Threat: Months working for a publishing houe taught me...who--? Lightbringer: Uh-oh. Mindmistress: Relax...

Mindmistress: ...I'm on your side.  Lightbringer: Great!  Light reflects off these robots-- but I'm melting the tarmac beneath it!  Mindmistress: The helmeted guy?  Lightbringer: Mr. Threat.  Tougher than the name suggests?  Mindmistress: ...You're kidding!Mindmistress: Name and abilities? Lightbringer: Lightbringer. Mindmistress: Mindmistress. Lightbringer: Light manipulation, 'solid' light creations, flight? Mindmistress: Ultra-intelligence, exokeletal armor enhanced strength and speed, illusions and hypnotic effects. Lightbringer: How strong? Mindmistress: Think Spider-Man, not Superman. Lightbringer: Gotcha.




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