Mindmistress: I'm barely stronger than just one robot... Lightbringer: They reflect my beams--- Mindmistress: They'll overwhelm---wait. You fly, right? Lightbringer: Sure! Why? Mindmistress: Take a robot waaay up... Lightbringer: And--? Mindmistress: --Drop it on another.Lightbringer: She's ultra-intelligent...and the best plan she can come up with is: 'Fly up and drop one on the others'? I was expecting her to McGyver together something spectacular...

Lightbringer: Oh, well...sometimes...the best plans are the simplest...she's getting bruised and battered by powerful robots to give me a chance to take off--Bombs away!! Mindmistress: *Ungh*Mindmistress: Leaped just in time...that's two robots shattered... Lightbringer: Huh. Fragile. Mindmistress: Your beams reflecting indicated a refractive index along crystalline faces in perfect octahedral-- Lightbringer: English, please. Mindmistress: Drop one, it breaks.




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