Mindmistress: Excellent.  You've demolished another pair--dropping one on the other-- Lightbringer: And you've dismantled the remainingMr. Threat: It looks like both of  you forgot my gauntlets' percussion blasts---'Mindmistress'?  'Lightbringer'? You mock my name? Lightbringer: Look out--ungh!! Mr. Threat: Now, Captain Heroic---that's a superhero name! Mindmistress: Uhh!!

Mr. Threat: Dr. Catastrophe let me study y our dossier...your field defects high-speed objects--but energy gets through.  Maybe I wont this armor in Evil Inc.'s lottery... Mindmistress: Owww...get...up...Mr. Threat: ....But at least if I'm knocked unconscious while flying--my invulnerable armor would protect me from the fall--unlike him. Mindmistress: Lightbringer!!




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