Mister Threat: Nothing personal, of course. It's just...business.This might really help me move up the corporate ladderrrrrrrrr... Mindmistress: Okay, that's enough.  Enough of this corporate managerial malie. --Or super-villain stock options.Mindmistress: How stupid is it---having invulnerable armor---and leaving  your legs-- your face--unprotected? One slug--and you'd be out! If Lightbringer's dead, I'll--that robot--glowing--what--?

/comics/Lightbringer: Allow...me... Mr. Threat: Uh! Mindmistress: Whoa.Lightbringer: Don't know...why that robot...was glowing...but I thought an invulnerable helmet---would demolish it--so--I used--a ricochet shot.  Mindmistress: Lightbringer!! Lightbringer: Now---I'd like--to lie down.




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