Lightbringer/Carter: What--? Where--?  Mindmistress: It's okay, Carter. Lightbringer: My---apartment? My name?  How'd you know?  Mindmistress: Wallet. In hidden pocket.  Lightbringer: Oh. Mindmistress: Figured you wore a mask for a reason...doctored  you myself.  Lightbringer:...Thanks.Lightbringer/Carter: What about Mister Threat? The Overlords? Unhh!! Mindmistress: Easy! Easy! Besides cuts and bruises, you've cracked some ribs--that glowing robot would've teleported us to the Overlords' reality---their prisoners.

You'll need help--the Overlords-- Mindmistress: I need a case I--don't return. That's why---when I leave-- you'll sleep--forget this incident-- Lightbringer: What?? Mindmistress: ---Until you're summoned.  Lightbringer: Why?Mindmistress: Because you won't rest until you've defeated the won't let yourself'll get yourself killed. We'll meet again. Lightbringer: You seem pretty sure of that. Mindmistress: Oh, I am--Carter.

Mindmistress: If  I'm wrong--if I don't return to my reality in two weeks---Vicki'll appear to  you--unblock your memory.  Lightbringer: Vicki? Mindimistress: You'll see. Take care---Lightbringer. Lightbringer: You too. Scale: Mindmistress!!



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