Scale: Mindmistress!! Wait!! Mindmistress: Eep. Don't do that! I almost reacted too quickly and broke your wrist. How do you know me--?  Scale: That's a long story...we have common enemies!Scale: So...the Overlords kidnapped my creators!  Mindmistress: I shouldn't get involved in religious quarrels... Scale: No...the writers and artists who dreamed me up as a webcomics character!  Mindmistress: Riiight. In here.

Scale: think you're real?  Mindmistress: think y ou're not? Interesting. I've heard anti-solipsism discussed, but you're the first anti-solipsist I've met...I'm real--but also a webcomic.Mindmistress: See this bearded guy? I visit Schroeder sometimes---recount my exploits--then wipe his memory of my visit.  Schroeder thinks it's his imagination.  Scale: Wow. Why?  Mindmistress: If seen---I'm disbelieved.



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