Ash (caption): My third CD, 'Flames to Ash' took off--combined with my other financial 'ventures', allowing me to hire a tutor. Tutor: Your braille is really progressing... Ash: Sensitive pianist's fingers help.Mindmistress: Ash, I modified a cane--so that it has a GPS tracker and other devices-- Ash: But also a 'focus' that should extend my foresight and hindsight by months, right?

MM: Right. Slip that attachment on the handle--look through the golden ring--  Ash: Whoa!! MM: ---It'll amplify your 'timesight'--like a telescope does normal sight.  Ash: I-I see three scenes with you--

Mindmistress: Describe them.  Ash: Okay: first scene.  You're with...two others. Maybe more. One with an orange-muschroomed shaped cowl... Mindmistress: Forceful.  Ash: A blood-red cannon-wielding football player... Mindmistress: Bloodlust!  We're fighting--? Ash: No--you're in a bunker---something's breaking in---

Ash (Caption): Second scene:  A girl in antlike armor...a blonde beauty who keeps changing her costumemmma masked guy in black-and-white --- Mindmistress : Hmmmm.  Don't know them.Ash (Caption): Third scene.  You're leading a raindow-hued horse and its master past many realities---the horse's master is blonde and curly-haired. Mindmistress: Hmmmm.  Know the horse, not the master.

Mindmistress: That first one's a real puzzle though---I'd never team up with Bloodlust--- Ash:




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