Ash (Caption): I had my night on Letterman...of course, I didn't see in foresight, earlier. I knew what Letterman would say before he did.  Letterman: Ladies and gentlemen...Ashley Drake!Ash (caption): Plus, regular checkups.  Mindmistress: Intriguing test results.  Perhaps this...ability...was always latent in primates?  That'd explain why the chimp and you adapted better than the cameras... Ash: No cure?  Mindmistress: Sorry.  Not yet.

Ash (caption): Every morning, checking the newspaper...seeing my future self, reading tomorrow's paper...then calling my stockbroker...more importantly, my bookie.  Ash: Bluebell---twenty to one?  Sweeeet.  Ash (Caption):  Prophecy equals...profit.Ash (Caption): Multiple bookies.  Deliberately chosen losers, sometimes.  Seeming lucky... not... infallible.  My ex-wives owned a gym and a doujin, respecitvely.  Gave me free use of both.  Wonderful thing, guilt-ridden pity.




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