Ash (Caption): This story is also about Edward DePaul.  At 21, he won a cool million dollars by guessing the right answer on National TV.  Regis: Final Answer?  DePaul: Final answer.  Regis: You're... correct!!!Ash (cont.): At 23..Edward spent one hundred thousand dollars on Powerball tickets-- and won the two hundred million Powerball prize.  Interviewer: The odds were still against you.  How--?  Depaul: Somebody's got to win.

Ash (caption): At 24, the 'Lucky Man', as the press dubbed him, bought and renovated a Las Vegas casino.  DePaul: Welcome to the Titans Casion--luck rules my life--share my luck.His father died soon after.  The relationship of Larry and Edward DePaul had always been stormy...Larry had always hit first, reasoned later.  Joanna DePaul: H-?He was a good man... DePaul: Um.




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