Ash : I'm putting the glasses back on---everything's so...twisted...kaleidoscopic, all shifting images... Mindmistress: Suit separate! I'll guide you home, Ash...or rather, Lorelei will. Ash (Caption): Her amulet exploded in light...Ash: Public transportation?  Lorelei: Sure! I ride it all the time! It's great!  Ash: Lorelei...I've money for a taxi.  You're Ezekiel Lyons''ve money for a taxi.

Lorelei: See...wasn't that fun?  Ash: Which part? The sceaming children? the drunk with Wild Turkey on his breath? The religious fanatic who thought Spongebob Squarepans was the Antichrist?Lorelei: Play somethin'...sweet.  Ash: This day and age we'e living in, gives cause for apprehension, with speed and new invention and things like fourth dimension...  Lorelei: Huh? Ash




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