Ash (Caption): I had already rolled up the newspaper...was already swinging my arm to bat the ball away... before she threw it.  I knew which way the ball would careen...Mindmistress:  Good. Try another.  Ash: With all her armor-amplified strength, she kicked the chair at me... it came at me like a racecar...little Lorelei had grown up with an...interesting...attitude.

Ash (caption): I was vaulting out of its way...just before her kick.  Ex-gymnast, okay?  Meanwhile, the ball had ricocheted off several walls... heading straight for my nose... to break it.Ash (Caption): had slowed enough where I could catch it...bare-handed. Mindmistress: See, Ash? You can't be surprised.  You can't be taken...unawares.  In a fight you'd be...formidable.  Ash: Fight?




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